Let’s face it. Great
communication at
church isn’t easy.

You would think that a message-centered place like the church would excel at communication. We do have the Good News after all, don’t we? But we also have a lot of stuff going on: children’s volunteer recruitment, student events, the women’s getaway weekend. Groups are kicking off. Missions trips are coming up. Wait, you forgot about Celebrate Recovery and Financial Peace University. Have we said enough yet?

You already know you
need improvement.
So let’s name it.

Based on our collective work with over a thousand churches, we’ve created a 60-second diagnostic tool so you can assess you current communication strategy. Follow the three simple steps below.

(We recommend you do this as a team and see what people say.
The matrix is easy to reproduce on your whiteboard.)

First assess your church with this decision-making matrix. What word describes you?

Great Design








Simple Message

Now, assess your church with this decision-making matrix. What word describes you?

Social Media Active








Clear Vision

Now, fill in the blanks using the two words that you discovered from Step 1 and 2.

When it comes to communication we are a
_____________ and _____________ church.

So what’s the next step?

If you are effective

and engaging, that’s

awesome. If not, we

have a way to get

you there.

Ministry is hard enough; you want your communication strategy working for you, not against you. And it can. All it takes is a little extra attention for a short season, and we will guide you every step of the way.

Whether you have a volunteer staff person, or a full-time communications team, a lot of people want their hand in the pot of church communications. A comprehensive Communication Toolbox can give you an objective point of calibration in an ocean of ideas and opinions.

Tap into creative
best practice.

Imagine having an experienced church communications team provide a comprehensive look at everything you do, from your worship guide and website to your social media and mobile presence. We can get you started with our Church Communications Virtual Audit. We’ll rate your brand and messaging, evaluate your signage, print and service announcements, and benchmark your assimilation and digital engagement.

We can even help you with your own branding or messaging needs should you need some communication and  design expertise.  Our experienced and respected team will not only deliver a Communication Toolbox, but guide you every step of the way.

The Auxano team delivered personal, professional guidance as they walked us through a comprehensive audit of our needs and resources. We now have a clear communications policy and a fresh strategy that will serve us well into the future as a growing multisite church.

– Bryan Mills, Lead Catalyst, Meadow Heights Church, Fredericktown, MO

Be Seen. Be Heard.

Instead of just admiring the branding or messaging strategy of a few cool churches you’ve run into, isn’t it time to feel good about your own? Vision-based design and communication are crucial tools for developing a vision-soaked culture. We can help.

It’s time.

If you aren’t satisfied with your two-word diagnosis, take your self-assessment a step further. Get a free, instant download of Auxano’s Branding and Design Overview.