Every pastor knows
that disciple-making is
easier to preach than
it is to practice.

Most churches succeed in communicating the biblical mission of the church. Our Bibles have Matthew 28:19-20 highlighted, dog-eared, and underlined. Yet, the average church takes people through a week-to-week routine of worship, Bible studies, small groups, volunteer opportunities, and mission projects without any significant change in their lives. Why? In the end, the intention of your preaching doesn’t determine the destination of your people—the design of your ministry does.

Your current
disciple-making results
follow your current
ministry design.

You may have heard the well-known saying about systems: Your system is perfectly designed to get the results you are currently getting. Now consider that again from a disciple-making perspective: “Your church as a ‘system’ is perfectly designed to get the disciple-making results you currently have.”

But some might object by thinking, “Isn’t disciple-making supposed to be organic and relational?” Sure it is. Or, “Isn’t there real spiritual warfare out there?” Yes, of course. But you can’t let the legitimate challenges of disciple-making excuse your problem of ineffective ministry design.

Move from a few
stories to a church
full of them.

Pastors love to share anecdotal stories about the few people in their congregation who have grown significantly. Yet, an effective system doesn’t produce results in the 1-2% range. Would you buy lawn fertilizer that advertised, “Proven to help two out of every 100 blades of grass grow taller and stonger!”? No way. So why do you settle for a discipleship approach that isn’t producing a real harvest of disciple-making disciples? What if you had enough stories in one year for a lifetime of preaching?

Churches are
experiencing a
break-thru in

We work with churches across the U.S., representing diverse faith tribes and life stages: from church plants and megachurches to missional make-overs and traditional turnarounds. We have a unique perspective on how churches move toward a culture of disciple-making. We’d love to share some of our experience with you.

The Vision Frame process was revolutionary as we gave birth to an entirely new mission and disciple-making strategy. And the second phase of re-designing our ministries was like having an expert help us out once we brought the “baby” home. It was a tremendous way for us to implement our new vision.

– Allan Fuller, Lead Pastor of Mountain Park Community Church, Phoenix, AZ

Let’s talk about your
discipleship strategy.

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