Every once in a while
a well-trained leader
just drops in your lap.

Every pastor has at least one story of a volunteer who makes a world of difference from day one. They show up ready because of training they received in another ministry. But how often does that happen? Probably not enough to really advance your vision. And besides, the biblical mandate for equipping calls us far beyond just waiting for “pre-trained Pat” to arrive. What if your church could take a huge step forward in developing your own leaders?

You’ve had the best
intentions, but not a
powerful mechanism.

You’ve been to conferences, you’ve joined cohorts, and you’ve done the networks. There’s no shortage of talk about leadership. But an inspirational speaker and the latest book don’t help you design, build, and implement a leadership pipeline with your team. Otherwise you’d be done already.

That’s where we come in. We have a proven path that will harness the passion you’ve always had. Designed by lead architect Mac Lake, and Will Mancini, the Pipeline Development Process walks your entire staff through four phases that will help you operationalize twenty key leadership principles. Through high-impact work sessions supported by coaching calls, the journey is accessible and enjoyable.

You are only six
months away from an
entirely new reality.

Once you start the journey, we’ve found that teams make extraordinary progress in six months. It’s hard to believe, we know. But remember, your team already wants to lead better and they already want to raise up more leaders. People in your church already want more opportunities to be developed. With concentrated effort over just one semester, you’ll start unlocking the unseen leadership potential that God has already provided for your ministry. Can you imagine anything more rewarding?

We knew that our leadership pipeline needed work and we were confident that Auxano could help. After just the first day I realized that we saved two years of trying to do this by ourselves.

– Randy Hagemann, Gateway Community Church, Webster, TX

Strengthen your
resolve by looking
to Jesus.

A quick scan of the gospels reveals that Jesus spent most of his ministry time with relatively few leaders, not large gatherings. Let’s give it a conservative estimate at 75%. Yet most church leaders flip the model and spend 75% of their time on the preparation and execution of large gatherings.

Learn more and get
some immediate

Every pastor is somewhere between a leadership development desert wishing for “a chance of showers” and a land overflowing with reproducing leaders. How is your church doing today?

We’d love to help you cultivate a leader-soaked ministry. As a non-profit organization with some of the best leader-developers in the country, we are available to do short assessment calls at no cost. We’ll share more about the four basic components of any leadership pipeline and unpack some of the key principles that are most pertinent right now for your ministry.

Complete our assessment form to get an idea of where your current leadership development process stands. This information is a great discussion starter for conversations with your team. If you want to know more about our Leadership Development Pipeline, contact us using the form below on the right.