A costly gap exists
between most point
leaders and their team.

Many times you have a strong internal sense of the church’s identity and a good hunch about the next directional decision. Unfortunately, you may not perceive how unclear the rest of the team may be. This creates a gap of perspective and understanding. As a result, every conversation and every decision can create friction in the organization and drag on the vision.

Working with Auxano we realized that we had confusion between mission and vision. We were really clear on mission, but hadn’t really articulated our vision.

– George Franco, Executive Pastor, The Cove Church, Mooresville, NC. The Cove grew past 4,000 in attendance in its first ten years as a church.

Great leaders
manage the gap.

Jesus was the perfect leader. Still, there were gaps with his team of twelve disciples. For example, almost three years into embodying and communicating a clear vision, James and John exhibit vision drift during a moment of frustration with some Samaritans. (Luke 9:51-56) Jesus takes a moment to correct their understanding. Effective leaders take more time creating clarity with their team, not less, as the vision unfolds.

Stop wasting time
week after week.

Suppose that every day three leaders spend ten minutes in hallway chatter or “after meetings.” Now imagine that this light gossip occurs with two other people. Over the next five years that would add up to 2700 man-hours of distraction and sideways energy. That’s the equivalent of 337 lost workdays and that’s a lot of wasted time.

In the vision framing process with Auxano, I learned how vision is multiplied through collaboration. Our team has more buy-in and excitement than ever.

– Zak White, Senior Pastor, Revolution Church, Selma, TX

Only one person can
start the conversation.

Most of your staff wants to have complete agreement and excitement about the future. Who on your team can give permission to talk about vision? You may be the only one. If so, don’t hesitate. And remember, it’s not about having all the answers—it’s about starting the dialogue.

Be the hero by
using a simple tool.

We are always here if you want to talk, but we think you’ll enjoy starting with the “Church Unique Visual Summary.” This engaging, free e-book is a great tool for getting conversations started with your team.

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