The church was
created for synergy,
not silos

Thirteen times the Apostle Paul uses the Greek term “synergos” to describe his team co-laboring for the gospel. The image of two horses connected in harness illustrates the term. Did you know that if one horse pulls 1,000 pounds by itself, two will pull 2,600 pounds together? That’s right, one plus one equals three when the team is harnessed right. Are you feeling that kind of multiplied energy on your team right now? Or are you tired of “herding cats” with your ministry leaders?

Amazing tools
already exist for
great execution.

Years ago, leaders grew tired of irrelevant meetings and static notebooks of traditional strategic planning. A brilliant guy, Tom Paterson, was challenged to reinvent the planning experience. The StratOp Process was birthed (short for Strategic Operations). The result was a highly efficient way for teams to set and achieve short-term goals. It’s been proven time and time again in corporations and non-profits around the world.

Designed and ready for your church.

We exist to serve the church, so we don’t recommend StratOp lightly. We believe in the process, and watch it work over and over with teams like yours. And, because we’ve been exclusively focused on vision clarity for over a decade, we’re uniquely qualified to install StratOp with your team. In partnership with the Paterson Center, we have more certified trainers across the country than any other group. That means we are ready to go anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, because we’re pastors, we know how to adapt StratOp both theologically and practically within your team’s culture.

Right from the start of using StratOp with Auxano, we’ve experienced enormous collaboration, clarity, and cohesion on our leadership team.

– Gene Appel, Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA

Get more done.

The typical church staff is better at relating than getting things done. Add the StratOp process to a team like that and watch the magic happen! You’ll experience an immediate surge forward in team productivity. How does it work? StratOp forges a new, strong sense of togetherness around a few focused goals. Then, those goals stay in front of the team in weekly and monthly meetings with a simple set of tools, including a “Plan-On-A-Page.” The best news: your team will be executing at a completely new level within eight weeks after a 2-day retreat.

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Share details about StratOp with your executive pastor, senior staff, elders, or board with our overview that gives you general information on the process. Are you ready for a new level of team focus, energy and productivity?

Based on your team conversation, we’re here if you want to talk. Get a free, instant download of the StratOp by Auxano Overview.