Your next campaign
defines the next chapter
of your ministry.

Planning for your next big dream is an exciting time. But the anticipation of a campaign is naturally mixed with nervousness. You know there’s a lot at stake. And each question about resourcing has big implications. After all, how you navigate this campaign will determine the scope of your ministry for decades to come.

The first big question
creates tension.

Will you pursue help from a campaign group or not? Twenty years ago it was an easy decision—it seemed like everybody brought in a campaign consultant. But pastors today wrestle with this question. On the one hand, help from the outside can prevent costly mistakes. On the other hand, the capital campaign industry feels outdated and doesn’t have a stellar record. At best, the cookie-cutter approaches are overpriced. At worst, the typical campaign program can feel like a “tack-on” to your church’s culture and fail to resonate with your people.

Stop Wrestling

What if an entirely new way to approach your campaign removed the tension of seeking outside help? You see, we don’t think you ought to do it yourself. But we don’t think you should settle for the typical out-dated approaches either. So we’ve created a third alternative. How does it work? The best way to explain it is to show you why the cookie-cutter campaign program is a liability to your vision.

We needed a campaign that was unique, visionary, and not just about money. Our church had walked through a previous campaign that did not meet expectations. I wanted, and needed, coaching that would help us take our entire church on a true spiritual journey.

– Eric Koehler, Lead Pastor, Valley Point Church, Glenn Mills, PA

  1. Anorexic Vision

    First, the standard campaign is driven by an anorexic vision, not a healthy one. It all starts when the traditional campaign model simply validates the goals of the campaign—land acquisition, or building, or debt reduction, or multi-site expansion—as the church’s vision. Capital needs like these, by themselves, don’t convey the substance and sustainability of a well-articulated vision. It’s like trying to run a marathon on junk food. An under-developed vision always leads to under-realized resourcing.

  2. Inflexible Design

    Second, the typical campaign model has the campaign designed before it even begins. Everyone talks about “customization,” which means you get to insert your church’s logo “here” or make some tweaks to the program. Think about it for a moment: for over four decades the success of the campaign industry has been reduced to a program management system. It’s really not created just for you! The skill of reading your culture is a lost art. The practice of designing a campaign that perfectly matches your strengths and style as a leader is missing.

  3. Microwaved Leadership

    Third, the dated approach to campaigns attempts to microwave both the dynamics of discipleship and leadership. Leadership development is always a big need in the church. Unfortunately it’s addressed too abruptly and unnaturally in the standard campaign. Why does it take the fear of loss or the promise of gain with a big capital project to jumpstart a real interest in communicating with leaders? It’s the sad legacy of the capital campaign industry that we “cultivate” leaders only when we want their money.

Understanding the unique elements of our church’s Vision Frame will bear fruit for years to come and is the primary takeaway from our relationship with Auxano. By the way, we significantly exceeded our goals. Vision clarity matters.

– Brian Pipping, Lead Pastor, Harvest Chapel, Lake Zurich, IL

Don’t short-circuit
your dreams.

Most campaigns don’t realize the giving potential of the congregation. Why? The question is complex to answer, but let’s boil it down to a simple analogy. Would you rather be served a frozen dinner or a home cooked meal? Of course everyone responds better to a genuinely personal approach of “home-made.”

Your vision
deserves a new
campaign approach.

Because of our unique approach to campaigns, we can offer you an affordable and personalized solution. After a 30-minute conversation with one of our Campaign Navigators, we’ll be able to lay out a potential partnership (including pricing) that will deliver the results you need and, more importantly, lead to the realization of your vision.

Not only have we achieved our goals with our capital campaign, we brought our church together in its unique mission and vision to reach Oklahoma City with the gospel. It’s great to move into a space that fits us, but it’s even better to have everyone on the same page as we move forward.

– Doug Serven, Pastor, City Pres, Oklahoma City, OK

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