Our Story

Every visionary leader is busy. But only a few do the challenging clarity work to fully realize their vision. For more than ten years, Auxano has partnered with pastors and ministry leaders in North America to help them do just that.

As a team of ministry professionals, we believe the church is the center of God’s redemptive movement in the world. The teams we work with consistently testify to the increased enthusiasm they feel for God’s unique work in their churches.

The foundation of Auxano is a vision framing process based on the principles outlined in the celebrated book, Church Unique, by our founder, Will Mancini. Through the process church teams from every major faith tribe have discovered unprecedented clarity around the unique identity of their church. Working from that clarity, they develop actionable plans for articulating, planning, and integrating vision into their culture.

To help teams realize their Vision, we offer five additional integrated services: Resourcing, Leadership, Execution, Communication, and Discipleship. If you would like to learn more about any of our services, we would love to hear from you.

Our Services

Our Vision Frame



Clarity First

Clarity isn’t everything but it changes everything.

Carnivorous Learning

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of
the questions you ask.

Contagious Passion for the Bride of Christ

Jesus is the hope of the world.

Collaborative Genius

Leaders are addicted to products, but process provides
the meaning.




Everyday Visionaries

We see everyday pastors becoming everyday

Team Synergy

We equip passionate individuals to experience real

Unique Expression

We unfold a unique model of ministry for every local

Redemptive Movement

We imagine every church becoming an epicenter of
Jesus’ redemptive movement.

Our Core Tools

The Vision Frame (Identity): Answer the five irreducible questions of clarity in a concise and compelling way.

The Vision Casting Spider Diagram (Articulation): Build the six elements of compelling communication into vision casting experiences and vision dripping moments every day.

The Integration Model (Integration): Enable your vision to live in the five key areas of church life.

The Horizon Storyline (Planning): Dream as far out as you can dream, but stay firmly planted with short-term milestones.